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Healthy, Beautiful and Gentle White English Labrador Puppies


Puppies Available 9/28/2019!

Sammer and Sunny produced their first litter. The puppies were born 8/3/2019 and will be ready for their forever homes on 9/28/2019. Call us to reserve your puppy!


Why a Willshire puppy?

A Willshire Labrador has parents that have been rigorously health tested and have gentle temperaments.  We are committed to providing your puppy with the right environment during their crucial early development.  We have chosen to raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture protocol to give your puppy the best possible start.   Puppy Culture is a prescribed set of experiences that build the puppies confidence during the critical stages that they are in our care.  Our puppies adjust quickly and easily to their new homes.  

Puppy Culture includes things like:

Early Neurological Stimulation

Noise Habituation

Barrier Challenges and Problem Solving

Obstacle Courses and Agility Training

Clicker Training and Manding

Beginning Crate Training

Litter Training

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Puppies available September 28th, 2019!

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